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Outlast trailer makes toes curl and lips quiver; new survival horror from ex-Ubisoft and EA developers


If you feel that survival horror games of recent years have thoughtlessly abandoned the insane asylum setting in favour of space or Europe (looking at you Dead Space and Amnesia), then Outlast may well tickle your fancy. Developed by Red Barrels, largely made up of ex-Ubisoft and EA staff, it’s a PC-exclusive, first-person horror game putting you in the body of an investigative journalist who breaks into an experimental mental hospital. Wait, you should see the trailer below before I go on.

This escaped from the OnlySP Youtube channel:

Sense that fear.

Although most of that trailer looks to be CGI and what could be in game has been dolled up to the nines, I like the emphasis on physicality – hands touching walls, ducking through holes – if that carries to the game, and places you in a vulnerable, indefensible character, then this could be quite an exciting proposition.

Outlast is aiming to be released on us, the unsuspecting public, in early 2013.