Over $50m pledged to games on Kickstarter in the last six months


Kickstarter has revealed that in the past six months games have shot up to become the most funded category on the site, beating out film (#2) by $8m. Games have raised over 16 times as much as they did in total last year, and over 1,000 times that of 2009’s. More facts, figures, graphs, and nudity after the break.

Okay, I might have been lying about the nudity. But look,
distraction graph:

As you can see, a bit of a jump.

The Kickstarter team put it all down to Tim Schaffer.
Developers seeing them earn so much so quickly – over $1m in 24 hours – acted as
a catalyst.The Double Fine Adventure launched in February, just look at the effect it had on the bars charts:

Further analysis and breaking down of things is going on over on Kickstarter’s blog. Go check it out.