Overgrowth video explains why the AI was too amazing for humans to comprehend and had to be dumbed down


Overgrowth is aiming to take the title of best rabbit beat’em’up from, well, this guy. Part of that is creating an AI able to handle the nuances of their combat engine and then capable of using it to be a competent foe for humans. Apparently that wasn’t all that difficult, now they’re having to neuter their superbunny, clip its paws, and cut off its ears.

We found this one down the Wolfire Games YouTube warren:

Besides looking awesome and bizarre in equal measure, Wolfire sound as though they’ve had to really battle with their bunnies. Slowing them down, keeping a firm hand on their near-prescience, and stopping them from escaping from our computers to give us a firm rabbit punch to the kidneys.

Here’s a concept video so you can see the direction Overgrowth is headed in: