Paradise Lost: First Contact has a plant for a protagonist. An alien plant that eats people. Stealthily

Paradise Lost: First Contact Asthree Works

Milton would have been proud. For too long folk have misinterpreted his poetic epic as a commentary on the Bible and  the English civil war. It’s taken 345 years for someone to recognise it was instead about an alien plant falling to Earth and tearing apart the special forces team that secure the science lab its imprisoned in.

Where was Paradise Lost: First Contact when I was doing my literature degree?

The trailer suggests a fair onus is being placed on stealth play. It looks a little like Mark of the Ninja in that respect. You’ll rarely travel down a corridor directly, either in the air ducts above it or in the power lines below. Your powers, too, take something from Mark of the Ninja; that seed pod which releases sleeping gas wouldn’t seem out of place in a ninja’s napsack.

The game’s setup seems extremely similar to Warp, the joyous puzzle game about an alien trying to escape the facility that’s holding it prisoner. If it can capture anything of that game’s charm then we could be onto a winner.

According to the game’s Greenlight page, there’s a hint of the metroidvania about it. The facility is full of secret projects that you can absorb and turn into new abilities which open up other parts of the facility for exploration. Some of those are “skills like mental manipulation, decoys, organic bombs”.

There are plans for a Kickstarter in the near future but until then you can help the game out by upvoting it on Greenlight.