Permadeath zombie game State of Decay coming to PC


Previously only available on Xbox Live Arcade, the super-fast zombie seller State of Decay is coming to PC, and had always planned a release on the Best Platform. 

Official Xbox newsinator Xbox Wire saidfollowing its June 5 release, Undead Labs’ State of Decay has “surpassed half a million paid downloads”, and has been the fastest ever selling original title on the platform.

But it’s coming soon to Steam, so we can get our grubby keyboard-bothering hands on it.Jeff Strain, founder and executive producer at the studio said:

“We’re currently working on a PC version for release on Steam. Fortunately it’s been in development alongside the Xbox 360 version since Day 1, so we just need to integrate with the Steam platform and add native support for keyboard and mouse control. We’ll also continue to issue Title Updates at a fast pace to refine game balance and fix bugs.

“Beyond that, we’re laying plans for the future of “State of Decay” right now. There’s an incredibly sophisticated simulation engine driving the world of “State of Decay” — we call it FateEngine — and it gives us a platform to do much more with the game. For a start, I can tell you we’re working on a sandbox mode designed to be a pure survival simulation. Beyond that, all I can say is we pay very close attention to what fans of the game are asking for, and their needs will largely guide our development priorities, so stay tuned.”

Hurrah for original IPs: more please, we like ’em.