PixelJunk Inc. headed for Steam


Soup is at the heart of all things. It is the fuel that powers humanity and humanity is the machinery that works the world. Without soup human life would fall quiet and the world would stop turning. With the approaching arrival of PixelJunk Inc. on Steam finally the PC will no longer be bereft of games which celebrate this moorish union.

It will also be the first time one of the PixelJunk games debuts on the PC and not on the Sony Box.

PixelJunk Inc. charges you and up to three friends with developing a secret, underground soup factory, one which pumps out succulent wholesome soup to feed the masses.

You and your friends tear down the world about you, deconstructing matter with a high-powered laser and then reconstruct it into the components you need to build soup-making machinery.

Developer Q-Games usually releases their PixelJunk games on the Playstation first but this time, following the success of PixelJunk Eden, they’re leading with the PC.

There’s currently no announced release date for PixelJunk Inc.