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Prison Architect sales hit $360,000 in four weeks, Introversion are happy


People really like prisons. More so than science ever thought possible. In just four weeks Prison Architect has earned developer Introversion a cool $361,780 in revenue. That’s 10,172 sales, according to the copious sales data the indie dev is freely publishing for all to see. The Dwarf Fortress meets Dungeon Keeper meets Prison Break gaol-builder is still in alpha, operating on a Kickstarter-styled tier system, with Introversion busily working on the next major update. Here’s our Prison Architect preview, if you’d like to know what all the commotion is about.

Introversion’s Chris Delay also took some time to detail future development plans, which include prison riots, zoning and sectorcontrols for maximum security wings, more elaborate door and celllocking systems, escape tunnels and a whole system overhauls. The game, it seems, will transform and evolve over the coming months, with early adopters able to follow the development process as it happens.

“We can’t say for certain how often we will be releasing new alphas,” writes Delay in the blog post,”but it should feel pretty regular. Probably somewhere between two and four weeks between each update is what we will be aiming for, and as we proceed we will learn more about that process. We can’t wait to get started on some of the new features we have planned.”

Here’s Introversion’s Mark Morris and Chris Delay talking at the Eurogamer Expo about the project.