Pro Pinball Kickstarter offers three tables to anyone pledging $2


We love a bit of thrift round these parts. Steve’s discovered that old shoes can be used to line the draft gap in a window, Phill’s not eaten anything not found in a forest for three years now, and Tim, well, Tim’s gold-plated editor chair was knocked down in price because he threatened to “Edit” the shopkeeper with extreme prejudice.

The news then that you can get three pinball tables for just $2 made our collective ears prick up. There is a caveat though. More on that after the break.

Being a Kickstarter, getting those tables is dependent on the Pro Pinball team raising $400,000 in pledges. With 21 days to go and $60,000 already in the tank they’re on their way, but they could use your help.

First though, more about the project and them tables.

The Pro Pinball project is being guided by the hands of the developers at Silberball Studios. They’ve partnered up with Pat Lowler, maker of the Addams Family and Twilight Zone tables – the highest earning and highest rated tables of all time, respectively. So, they’ve got pinball wizardry on their side.

The aim of the Kickstarter is twofold, they want Pat to design a new table based off the suggestions of the pledgders, and also to remake the classics. That’s where the whole $2 thrift thingy comes in.

Anyone who backs the campaign will receive a copy of Big Race USA when it reaches its target. Table uno. Then, should you back the project with a pledge of $2 or more you will also receive table dos, Fantastic Journey, and tres, Timeshock!

Fine, fine rewards. Though to make that possible you’ll have to pledge, pledge, pledge. (That’s not an endorsement, it’s a fact.) This, this is an endorsement:

To learn more about the project you should check out Paul’s interview with Silverball’s Adrian Barritt.