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Project Eternity to get expansion pack six months after release


What is Project Eternity, as of now? A smattering of concept art; a handful of prototype systems; sweet nothings from the lips of Josh Sawyer and Tim Cain. And that’s fine – everything its 55,000 backers signed up for. But it’s a fairly mind-bending experience to suddenly be exposed to both ends of development at once. Because while Cain and co. mull over combat mechanics, Obsidian head Feargus Urquhart is over here on Kickstarter talking up an expansion pack.

Project Eternity’s expansion won’t be DLC, but a “real honest to God RPG expansion pack”, says Urquhart, no doubt with one eye on BioWare and Bethesda’s recent spotty output.

There are no more details to divulge yet, though Urquhart says “you can bet it will be what you’d expect from an Infinity Engine game expansion”. It remains to be seen whether that means a diddy additional quest or two a la Icewind Dale’s Heart of Winter, or something as substantial as Baldur’s-Gate-3-by-any-other-name Throne of Bhaal.

The expansion won’t be funded using Project Eternity’s current Kickstarter campaign. Pledge $165 or above, though, and you’ll get it for free. Tempted?

As the project enters its last week, Obsidian have launched into a slow motion flourish of promises – yesterday saw them pledge mod support, and more layers for their mega dungeon.