Project Zomboid’s map making tools let you bring the living dead to your town


Caversham library. That’s my zombie holdout spot. It has no ground floor windows, it’s across the road from a large supermarket, and there are only two entrances. Plus, their comics section is ace. Could while away the weeks following the outbreak reading The Walking Dead and Scott Pilgrim.

Many of you will have your own zombie survival plan. Don’t worry if you don’t, folk like you are the first to be run down and, frankly, we need your can openers.

Project Zomboid is tapping into that inherent survivalist in all of us and, with its new map tools, lets you design your own towns within which to last out the zombies.

“Have you ever wondered what your home town would be like when overrun by the living zed?” ask The Indie Stone. “How about those plans you’ve formulated about escape and survival in your school, street, library or place of work? Well.. with the newly release Project Zomboid mapping tools maybe it’s time to put that fevered imagination of yours to work.

“In this past week we’ve released the tools we used to create Muldraugh and West Point to the community, and we can’t help but feel that it’s lit the fuse to a user map explosion in the weeks, months and years to come.”

The team are keen to point out that there are currently “no guides, tips or example vids for prospective mappers to use, but the team are on hand to answer questions in the download thread on the forum.”

They foresee that “initial descents into WorldEd, TileZed and whatnot will be easier in weeks to come when documentation from some of our trusted collaborators will have appeared.”

There is one video available of someone using the map editor. Mendonca’s made Alcatraz in 23 minutes:

Cheers, RPS.