Protocol gives you an uzi, a motorbike, and a wanted rating

Protocol Nik Sudan

Neon blur, motorbikes, and guns: this game throbs with cool. Protocol sits you in the saddle of a motorbike, racing down a motorway in a futuristic world all watched over by an authoritarian police force. They want you dead and they’ll shoot at you and smash you with their vehicles until they get their way.

It’s free, too.

There are 32 waves in Protocol and I’ve not yet made it past the twelfth. The waves get increasingly difficult, naturally, but to counter that you unlock abilities as you progress. At first it’s the ability to shoot your uzi in bursts of rapid fire, later you can leap ahead of the police using a boost on your motorbike. Later in the game you unlock new vehicles.

Nik Sudan made the game for Devi Ever’s Cyberpunk Jam, which is currently in its voting phase. You can see more free games over there and help out by voting for the ones you like.

You can download Protocol on Gamejolt.