Psychonauts’ Raz returns to guest in Bit.Trip Runner 2


Bigger studios take note: cross-reference doesn’t have to be cause for copyright lawsuits or the sole preserve of pre-order bonuses – it can make everything better. Many of us were first introduced to Bit.Trip’s CaptainVideo through his featuring spot in Super Meat Boy, and now Gaijin Games are in a position to pass the goodwill forward. Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien’s Good Friends DLC pack is to host some notable protagonists of other games, including one we haven’t had cause to control for the best part of a decade: Raz.

Here’s a charmingly overwritten trailer, narrated by Voice of Mario Charles Martinet:

Raz and the Good Friends pack will arrive on Steam this Thursday. He’ll be accompanied by Cave Story’s Quote and five others Gaijin have chosen not to name. We’ll learn two of their identities later today, and a further three tomorrow.

And that’s it! I imagine the leap to 2D will suit (forever) young Raz down to the ground. I just hope they’ve captured his best side.