qrth-phyl trailer shows how Blockade in a 3D space is awesome. Needs a hand on Greenlight


Despite dating back to 1976, developers are still trying to improve on the simple formula of Blockade (the precursor to Snake). Hermit Games’ qrth-phil looks to be providing the classic a meaningful jump into 3D. Controlling a Chinese dragon-style snake as you wrap yourself through a tight empty cube in chase of elusive coloured dots looks like awesome fun.

The game’s designed to generate new elements based on the ability of the player; the higher your score and the speed at which you attain it will cause the game to become more difficult, faster, and tighter, requiring you to step up your game to match.

You can see in the video above and the one below that you begin controlling the game on the face of a cube, chasing down dots to increase your score and size. As you move from face to face on the outside of the cube you’ll find holes leading to the inside. Enter and you move into an empty cube, controlling the head of a long glowing snake, flying about trying to munch dots and avoid your own tail.

The game’s been available through the developer’s site for almost a year now but it’s just appeared on Greenlight and could do with your support to get it onto Steam. The developer promises to add leaderboards and achievements if the game gets onto Steam, as well as distributing keys to anyone who’s already bought a copy.

So, go and give it a helping thumbs up.