Quadrilateral Cowboy trailer has more multilinear subspace coprocessors than you can shake a stick at

Quadrilateral Cowboy Blendo Games

I’ve a lot of time for Blendo Games. Maker of games like Thirty Flights of Loving, Atom Zombie Smasher, and Flotilla, developer Brendon Chung blends humour with experimental game design ideas, often resulting in something quite special.

His latest game, Quadrilateral Cowboy, is a 20th century cyberpunk adventure and it looks ace.

Missions look to have you infiltrating rivals’ facilities and hacking their 1980s computers to steal information. To reach their mainframes you’ll be using crude robots, Command Prompt programming, and multilinear subspace coprocessors. I’ve no clue what that last one is but a quick google brings up this. It sounds complex.

Quadrilateral Cowboy’s website claims the game is still due for a 2013 release though no specific date’s yet been announced.