Quadrilateral Cowboy trailer shows something fascinating at work


The latest trailer for Quadrilateral Cowboy is intriguing. The maker of last year’s excellent Thirty Flights of Loving, Brendon Chung’s latest project is a 20th century cyberpunk game and I can’t work it out.

Check out the trailer and I’ll go into what I mean after the break.

The main question I have from the video is how exactly the game will present a challenge. From the video it seems a simple matter of walking up to a flat surface, taking out your laptop and turning off the world’s defences. Surely there is more to it than that, something more to present a challenge to the player. But then, maybe not. Thirty Flights of Loving had no challenges, it was simply a walk through a set of scenes. That’s not a criticism of the game, it was excellent for its experimentation, but you didn’t have your attention drawn to the fact that you were simply walking through a story. Here, if you are forced to stop and type out commands at each juncture, there will be an often broken flow.

There is likely much more to the game than we are seeing. I just don’t get it from this.

Due out later this year, I’ll try and find out a little more about the game.

Spotted by Getuskkan. Many thanks.