Reus footage shows how to foster the people


Reus is out now; here’s our Reus review.

Fans of god games are being treated well of late, there’s Simon Roth’s Maia that’s transposing base-management to a space setting, Molyneux’s Godus and Subterranean’s War for the Overworld which are both throwbacks to the 90s hits of Populous and Dungeon Keeper, and then there’s Abbey Games’ somewhat quieter Reus.

We covered Reus not too long ago but then we had exceedingly little to go on, some dev blogs and a short trailer. Well, the latest dev diary shows off how a world is created in Reus and it’s nudged my excitometer from two to yellow. You can see why below.

Here’s the video, as spotted by those lovable fiends over at RPS:

What I find so intriguing about Reus is the idea of balance that seems to be at the game’s core; the struggle to fulfil yourrole andprovide for the people of the world but, in doing so, you can spoil them. That word spoil seems so appropriate, in that you are turning something bad with oversupply. It’s not many god games that encourage a light touch.

I really want to get my hands on a copy, and with the stated plan of a Q2 release this year (sometime between April and the end ofJune) we don’t have that long too wait.

Also, I can’t seem to write about Reus without also linking to the video that inspired the game’s art and themes. It’s absolutely gorgeous.