Rogue Legacy is out now; start your quest with colourblind, flatulent knights today


Too often the heroes of our games are tall, white, sporting a perfect complexion, and sport fine bone structure. Not in Rogue Legacy – your randomly generated knight will be exploring a randomly generated dungeon while afflicted with any number of conditions. S/he may be colourblind, flatulent, dyslexic, bald, even exhibiting signs of hypogonadism and it will all affect how you play.

See it at work in the game’s launch trailer below, or better yet check out our Rogue Legacy review.

It looks a little brill, doesn’t it?

With so many roguelikes escaping from the game development dungeon at the moment they need to do more to differentiate themselves. Crypt of the Necrodancer is trying to infuse the genre with a rhythm-based combat system, FTL used some of the genre’s tropes to feed its space command hijinx, and Rogue Legacy has expanded what can be randomised – no longer simply the world and its items but now, too, the hero of the story.

By all reports Cellar Door Games have built an excellent game, all the reviews and previews I’ve read thus far have given it glowing praise.

So, maybe you want to check it out, there’s a demo, after all.