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Routine’s Gamescom teaser shows off roguelike space horror


The Gamescom trailer for Routine looks to be combining all manner of things that make our PC gamer hearts flutter and tingle with excitement and anticipation: randomised levels; abandoned moon bases; HUD-less first person; and horror, blood curdling horror. It’s being developed by a four person team in the Unreal Engine and it’s looking mightily impressive.

Due out next year, developers Lunar Software are keeping many details of the game shut up in the PRairlock. What they have said is that it will be a non-linear game, giving you the entire moon base over to be explored at your own pace. The game will feature no health packs, which will keep you much more aware of the ever-present threat of permadeath.

From a thread started on the UDK forums, it sounds as though the layout of the base won’t change, but the placement of items, environmental threats, and AI enemies will. So something akin to the director AI found in the Left4Dead games.

There are no details about the dangers that face you in the game except a message on the game’s site saying”You must run, hide and survive the best you can against what lurks in the base.” So, think Alien: The Game, except you’re trapped in a bulky space suit.

This indie title is one we’re going to be keeping our collective PCGamesN eyes on, so be sure to check back for updates in the future.