Sanctum has a sandbox mode. Now allows for more towers than you can shake a stick at


First-person tower defence game Sanctum 2 now has a sandbox mode where you’ll fight endless waves of enemies. Plus, you can now remove the cap on towers meaning you can build as many as will fit on the level.

The sandbox comes with a couple of key features that should allow for long-term fun times. You can customise the number of resources downed enemies drop, their HP, and you can turn the tower cap off. What this means is you can make the game either ridiculously hard or lazily easy, depending on your mood.

According to on of developer Coffee Stain’s designers, Armin Ibrisagic, this mode is a way of “thanking players for supporting us.

“We continually want to improve our game based on feedback we get from our community. Sanctum 2 is our biggest project yet, so we want to make it as great as possible with help from our player base.”

The game should automatically update with the new mode next time you run it.

Cheers, VG247.