Satellite Reign and fourteen other games Greenlit


The wonderfully promising Satellite Reign from the makers of Syndicate Wars has been greenlit on Steam Greenlight, along with fourteen other games. They will all be heading to Steam in the coming weeks and months with the ability to utilise whatever Steamworks features they need. 

In today’s bunch of successful games, chosen based on votes from the community, are: 7 Days To Die, The 7th Guest, Crashtastic, The Dead Linger, Door Kickers, INFRA, Maia, Nekro, The Novelist, Paranormal, Satellite Reign, Stranded Deep, Strike Vector, Viscera Cleanup Detail, and Wayfarer: The Outer Reaches.

Notable among these releases is the SWAT top-down tactical Door Kickers, the intriguing author-em-up The Novelist, and Viscera Cleanup Detail which is a… um… space station janitor simulator.