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Satellite Reign is funded. Onto the stretch goals


It’s taken much longer than it should have but the delectable Satellite Reign, which sees you command a team of agents trying to take down a city constructed of complex, overlapping layers of simulation, has been funded. The non-pants modernisation of Syndicate is to be developed for release in Dec 2014.

It was a little touch and go there for a while, with only four days left on the Kickstarter counter, but developer 5 Lives Studio managed to raise its target fund of £350,000.

There are a couple of excellent stretch goals on the cards, hopefully in the four days left the team will reach at least a couple of them.

The first goal on the cards is after the team raise another £30,000. They’ll bring on board composer Russell Shaw, the man behind the score to the Syndicate games. His involvement would help set the game’s gloomy, cyberpunk tone.

The one I’ve my fingers crossed for is at £440,000, environmental destruction. Now, 5 Lives admit that they “need to be realistic” about their budget and, so, they can’t offer total destruction of every buildings. They’re already including some destructible objects in the base goal, “vehicles, mechs, small barriers used as cover, that kind of thing.” But at £440,000 things get interesting.

“With this stretch goal we intend to let you wreak havoc on the city,” write 5 Lives. “If you can shoot it you can smash it. With the funds from this stretch goal we will be able to hire an additional artist to concentrate solely on effects and destruction of the city. While the bigger buildings won’t be able to be completely levelled you can still blow the hell out of them, setting them on fire and causing ultimate panic. But be aware destruction on that scale is going to bring the hammer of the corporations down on you in a flash.”

The final stretch goal is perhaps the most enticing. It’s also, unfortunately, unlikely to be hit in the days remaining. However, at £650,000 the team would implement online co-op.

Here are the rest of the goals for you pore over:

You can read more about the campaign and pledge over here.