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Scrolls introduces crafting: pimp out your scrolls


A new update to Scrolls now enables players to craft Scrolls. The crafted scrolls aren’t inherently different in terms of their abilities, and are no different in terms of powers. Crafting a Scroll will upgrade its aesthetics and make it do funky things such as track stats and become shiny.

Here’s how it will all work:

There are currently three tiers of Scrolls. You can take three identical tier one Scrolls and craft them into a tier two scroll. This destroys two of the Scrolls in the process, and gives you one tier two version of that Scroll. You can then take three identical tier two versions of that Scroll and turn it into a tier three scroll, which again burns two Scrolls in the process.

In total you would need nine tier one Scrolls to make one tier three, and twenty seven to make a playset (3) of tier three.

The upgraded scrolls will track stats such as matches played, wins, sacrifices, damage dealt, idols destroyed and times vanquished. Tier three scrolls will glow with a shiny rainbow effect to make your foes tremble in fear.

This method of pimping out your Scrolls isn’t a new phenomenon in the trading card game world. In probably the most popular TCG in the world, Magic: The Gathering, players would exclusively use foil cards for certain decks. It doesn’t stop there either: alternate artwork, foreign cards and signed cards also fit the bill. At the end of the day it’s all just bragging rights, albeit an expensive one.

Crafting is currently on the test server, heading to the live client next week if all goes to plan.