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Self-propagating Bundle in a Box released


Indie bundles are literally ten-a-penny right now, and it’s difficult to see where a new bundler could fit in with the likes of the Humble Bundle and Indie Royale. But Kyttaro Games’ new Bundle in a Box comes with an unexpected benefit – buy the bundle, and you’re helping fund indie game development.

Kyttaro’s Adventure Bundle includes cyberpunk graphic adventure Gemini Rue juxtaposed with foul-mouthed graphic adventures Ben There, Dan That and Time Gentlemen, Please. You also get 1893: A World’s Fair Mystery and The Sea Will Claim Everything. Beat the average to access decent point-and-clickers The Shivah and Metal Dead. Aaaand you get a couple of soundtracks and a booklet thrown in as well.

Where Bundle in a Box differs is that for every 15,000 sold, $2,000 is put in a kitty for an indie dev grant. When the bundle draws to a close, the money is allocated to a promising indie developer voted for by people who’ve bought the bundle. Presumably, the resulting game goes in the next bundle, and so on and so forth.
At the time of writing, 2,454 Bundle in a Boxes have been sold, and there are six days on the clock. It’s a decent pack, and the threeheadline games all come with Steam and Desura codes. A little money goes to the Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family, too, so you can feel good about buying a bunch of games.
The prolificIndie Royale’s Graduation Bundle has also just been released, and although you won’t be funding its ongoing existence, you will get The Void. This weird FPS-cum-tower defence game completely rewired our brains, and it’s well worth whatever you pay for the bundle. You also get The Ship, Dead Pixels, 1000 Amps and LaserCat.