Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter fails to rally support


Precursor Games’ Kickstarter for their project Shadow of the Eternals has failed to gain enough support to collect its target. The campaign concluded with less than half of the studio’s $750,000 target. 

Shadow of the Eternals is to be the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, the insanity-exploring Gamecube game. Whilst that game was critically lauded and well received, Precursor Games – headed by Eternal Darkness’s original creator Denis Dyack – has failed numerous times to gather support for a second game. This was the second time Shadow of the Eternals took to Kickstarter; the original campaign in June managed to only gain $300,000 of pledged support and was cancelled before concluding.

At the time Precursor believed there were mixed messages surrounding the game and the newly formed studio behind it, and had re-launched the campaign in July after clarifying the details of the project, and changing from an episodic format to a single full release. The target of $1.35 million was lowered to $750,000, but this more attainable figure seems to not have forged any further interest.

Shadow of the Eternals’ second Kickstarter campaign finished up on Friday with a final pledge of $323,950 from 5,932 backers.

I’m partially surprised that Shadow of the Eternals has failed twice now, since Eternal Darkness is such a well loved game, and one of great originality. A repeat of that would breathe fresh air into the current zombie-overflowing horror genre. However, you can’t ignore that Dyack has been a bit of a one-hit-wonder. Eternal Darkness may be great, but the his other high-profile game Too Human has a reputation for being something else entirely. For those without consoles: it was pretty damn bad. Perhaps lack of confidence in Dyack is what is preventing Shadow of the Eternals from becoming a reality.

Thanks, VG247.