Shower Simulator accurately models the start of my day

Shower Simulator

Showers are great. They’re a time in the morning where you can get so many tasks out of the way: you can get clean, have a wee (somewhat undoing the work of the previous task), practice singing, and masturbate.

Till now that leisure/work activity hadn’t been captured adequately in games. Till now.

I give you shower simulator.

How are you going to spend your time? Fiddling with the temperature? (A waste of time, let’s face it, showers are scolding or cold. There is no inbetween.) Washing your hair? (A time soak if ever I heard of one, much better to just spray it with Lynx.) Having a wee? (Cleanest way to micturate, science has proven.) A wank, maybe? (Well, yes, it will take time but go on, you earned it, you got up on time for work.)

Shower simulator lets you explore all the possibilities.

I’d like to see more life simulators:

Bedtime Simulator could have choices like rollover, open window, close window, turn on radio, read book, masturbate.

Cooking Simulator with the option to add salt, stir, switch the electric oven before three and four to try and capture that perfect temperature of cooking your food but not burning it, masturbate.

Masturbate Simulator…