Skrillex Quest is free and plays a little like Zelda meets Sword & Sworcery


You! Yes, you. It’s a Friday evening and you’re not outdoors clubbing or romancing. Yes, I know I’m not either, but I’m part of the homogeneous collective known as the gaming press: we do not do things like leaving the house. If you’re here, then you may as well be filling your time with the same methods as I: Skrillex Quest. It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s stylish.

More on this below.

Developed by Jason Oda, Skrillex Quest drops you into an old NEScartridge world suffering from the deadliest of dangers: dust on the teeth. As the king’s great warrior you’re sent on a quest to dislodge the dust, fighting your way past corrupted data files and finding keys to unlock the princess’ ghost from her imprisonment (yeah, the story doesn’t make a great deal of sense), you move through a slowly degrading and collapsing virtual world.

The clearest influence is the original Zelda game, there’s even a dungeon sequence that could be lifted straight from the first temple. Though the character design owes something to the long-legged, thin-pixelled protagonist in Sword & Sworcery.

Of course, the entire thing is set to the score of Skrillex, y’know, because of reasons.

It’s free, go and try it out.