Sludge City: because when scum builds up it calls for dynamite

Sludge City Tyler Molz

Sometimes dynamite is the only way. You’ve likely used dynamite around the house to solve problems like a sticky drawer, a messy room, or a to clear out a pack of roosting mules. In Sludge City you’re tasked with clearing the pipes of built up, sentient limescale.

As a city sludge cleaner you go down into the sewers and blast the critters to little bits. Budget cuts limit you to only a single stick of the explosive stuff, so you’ll have to make sure you can get all the muck with a single blast. Quite often the mess is scuttling about in different pipe networks so you’ll first have to rotate the pipes into alignment.

The game is simple but the puzzles are not. A few levels in you’re trying to herd scum into a single network, running ahead of them to twist pipes while staying out of their way. Then, when they’re all lined up, hitting the detonator.

You can play Sludge City for free on Tyler Molz’s site.

Dynamite’s excellent for ridding the city’s sewers of creeps but for everything else there’s Kitchen Gun: