Soundodger+ is glorious minimalist music-based bullet hell

Soundodger+ Adult Swim

I’m always on the look out for new ways to punish my reflexes and hurt my brain. It’s why I took up sniffing glue while driving. Soundodger+ does that but without the solvent abuse and illegality. You dodge projectiles fired at you in time to the music the level’s music.

It’s coming to Steam and it’s a little excellent.

The original Soundodger was released by Adult Swim as a free flash game earlier this year. It had a bunch of levels scored to songs made for the game and it was a good way to while away an evening.

Soundodger+ adds new tracks, a level editor, and the ability to generate levels based off your music library.

Destructoid got their hands on the full tracklist:

Anoctave – Frog of Lore

Austin Wintory – Lost Age

Bean – Senioritis

Bean – Sixteen & Dangerous

Bean – Solvalou

Bill Kiley – Foxtail Socks

Bill Kiley – Glowing Cubes

Bill Kiley – Rake Leaves Into Piles

Bill Kiley – Ye Olde Future

Chelsea Howe – A Walk In The Park

D. Wight – Outside Wars

D. Wight – Waves From Nothing

Danny Baranowsky – Kirkhope

Delasaurus – Fields & Reaches

Disasterpeace – Daisy Wheel

Ghost Kollective – Dummy (Radio Edit)

Lifeformed – Chloroplast Skin

Lifeformed – Forgotten Tea

Louis Gorenfeld – MIDI Murder Box

Mike Forst – I Do, What I Want

Mike Forst – Katapult

North Base – Overdose

Sonic – Distant Stars

You may well recognise names like Danny Baranowsky. He’s the fellow behind Super Meat Boy’s soundtrack. Also, Disasterpiece scored Fez and Lifeformed wrote the music to Dustforce. So we’re talking some seriously good composers here.

Soundodger+ is out on Friday.