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SpaceChem designer’s new game: Ironclad Tactics announcement trailer


‘”What if we had robots?” is a question no one knew to ask in 1860’s America’ is the best start to a press release I’ve read in a good while. But Ironclad Tactics’ scrawl gets better as it goes on, it tells of cards, and strategy, and the Bureau of Steam Engineering. Read on for further excitations and the announcement trailer.

Details are thin on the ground with the game being described as “a real-time, card-based tactics game set in an alternate history Civil War” where robots were discovered before we had thewherewithalto recognise that their use on the battlefield would bring about mankind’s certain doom (I added that last bit, we know how this story spins out).

There are 80 cards to unlock through a campaign mode that can be played co-operatively, and once the card’s in your deck you can use in multiplayer too. PC Gamer got the scoop on the game’s core rules: apparently, you can hold 20 cards at a time and they act as instructions for your robot army. You have a timer counting down, at the end of which your orders are locked in and followed by the machines.

Anything from the maker of SpaceChem is worth watching extremely closely.We’ll bring you more details when we have them.