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Spotlight on Greenlight, 6/10/12


It’s back! After our round-up two weeks ago, we’ve collected together 10 of the newest and most interesting games on Greenlight. Here they are.


Now here’s an interesting one to start with. Mak is sandbox construction in space, which allows you you to do all sorts of interesting things with gravity, physics and other complex scientific concepts that I don’t pretend to understand. Build things, pull them around, send them into orbit and do it all weekend long. Why not?

The Light

This one’s actually a bit of a mystery to me. “It’s not a game, it’s an experience.” Oh really? But, how is the storytelling interactive? What exactly do you do as you wander through these lovely environments? Is this going to be like Dear Esther? Why am I just asking questions?


Now, there’s at least two reasons for the eclectic gamer to be excited about this. The first is that lovely presentation, just look at it? Doesn’t that speak of style, eh? The second reason is that developer Ice-Pick Lodge was behind the ambitious (and sometimes flawed) games that were Pathologic and The Void. Sure, the former was pretty broken and the latter was pretty eclectic, but that just means these guys like to make games that are different. Fine by me.

College Ruled Universe

There’s not really much more I can say about this game beyond “It’s a ball-point platformer,” because it really is. Look at the intricacy of those designs, truly the work of an auteur doodler, absolutely on part with the work of The Kid at the Back of the Class. You can’t deny that it has a little bit of style.


I have to admit, I was swayed by Crow’s use of stars in its game description: “★★★Beautiful New Graphics Effects Designed For the PC★★★” Doesn’t that instantly appeal to you? Seriously, though, this could be an interesting one and I’ll be keeping my eye on it.


Poland was frequently a thorn in the Nazi’s side and this game is all
about the Warsaw Uprising (or just one of them, actually). It’s mixture
of strategy and action might take you all the way back to Soldiers:
Heroes of World War II, or, if you’re as old as I am, you might even
think of this as Syndicate with swastikas. This could be a good one.

Devil’s Cove

Much as many of us lament the demise of point-and-click adventure games, they’ll never truly die, not as long as there are independent developers around like, ohh, I don’t know, PlayAnarchyGames. That sounds like a bit of a mouthful to me, but I shan’t criticise because I think their art is looking pretty damn impressive. What do you think?

The Red Solstice

I very, very much want more multiplayer cooperative games on the PC and the idea of eight players working together to blast their way through hordes of zombies sounds like the perfect Saturday evening to me. Mission randomization, character customisation and a ranking system which will let me prove to my friends that I’m better than them? Yes please.

Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages

I… oh God, okay, okay, mute the trailer first. There, that’s better, isn’t it? I’m not entirely sure if that music was amazing or appalling. Right, I quite fancy Ring Runner because it promises to mix a top-down shooter with the mechanics of an RPG, creating something that sounds not too different to Elite. As well as upgrading your ships, you’ll also be upgrading your skills and, of course, shooting an awful lot of stuff. It’s great when Greenlight developers make demos available, and Ring Runner’s will offer you a two hour taster of what’s to come.

Age of Wushu

Now I’m not saying that I’ve left the best to last, but this has to be my favourite of all the game trailers I’ve been through today. While MMOs by indie developers aren’t entirely unheard of, they still perk my ears up because I’m all too aware of just how ambitious an undertaking they are. I’m really impressed by how darn pretty Age of Wushu looks so, rather than saying anything more, I’m just going to ask you to watch the trailer. Here it is.