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Star Citizen stretch goals announced; new ship and a friendly beeping repair bot


Star Citizen taps into some core likes of PC gamers: space, high poly counts, and an interplanetary mining economy which receives real time updates based on market motions. It’s no surprise that earlier this week it reached its initial crowdfunding goal of $2 million. As is now customary, having reached its target Roberts Space Industries have announced stretched goals.

Chris Roberts is pretty chuffed, he’s just found a community willing to pony up $2 million dollars for his game concept. Something of that comes across in his celebratory blog post:


“Now that Star Citizen has been funded, we’ve had a lot of questions about stretch goals. Many of you know the set of goals previously listed at the RSI site. They were broad design concepts that we needed additional funding to achieve.” These goals can be found here, they include things like more community updates, more missions, more star systems. As Roberts says they”didn’t have enough concrete data”.

So, he’s announced two more goals – with more to follow as they hit their targets – at $750,000 every player will start the game with aSaga Datasystems’ AMX-1 Repair Droid bot. Then “at $2.5 million we will add an additional flyable ship, the Anvil Gladiator, to the game. The Gladiator is the civilian variant of a powerful military bomber currently being used against the Vanduul on the frontiers of the galaxy.”

Not large things but certainly more tangible. Those other stretch goals, the original set, haven’t been scrapped, these new goals slot right in with them.

Star Citizen is currently sitting pretty at $690,000 on Kickstarter, so that repair bot is practically in the pledgers’ hands.

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