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Starbound grapple hook makes you like Spiderman in a Worms game

Starbound grapple hook chuckle fish

Worms has many fine qualities but the best of them’s its ninja ropes. The grapples had you flinging yourself with mad abandon from one side of the level to the next. Yes, most your trips ended with you accidentally throwing your worm into the ocean. Still, fun.

Starbound’s grapple hook fills that same hole in my heart. Except you can fire two at a time like some sort of Worms Spiderman baby.

Clearly, one grapple isn’t enough. No more Ms One Grapple for you. You’ll be Ms Two Grapple, Scourge of the Slightly Too Large Gap for a Single Grapple to Cross.

I’ve a lot of time for a game studio who see one grapple hook being one too few. Avalanche should take note for their next Just Cause game.

Cheers, RPS.