Starbound invaded by Agaran funghi

Starbound Chucklefish

A horror is coming to Starbound. It’s not yet escaped Early Access and a nightmare is stalking the caverns and caves of the space exploration game, the Agaran funghi.

These marauding space mushrooms have been spotted by the community but not much is known about them. Now developer Chucklefish has broadcast a transmission from the researcher sent to detail the creatures.

It doesn’t end well.

“Beginning in March,” say Chucklefish, “the Agaran Menace will be spreading forth throughout the galaxy, evolving, causing chaos, and weaving an exciting tale for Early Access players to get involved with and influence.”

There’s already 50 forum pages of sightings and discussion surrounding the Agarans and trying to workout why exactly they’re obsessed with kissing Florans.

Apparently, “the more players discover and share, the more content will appear.” Revealing more of the Agarans’ history.

So, if you want to know more, you should hop into the game.

starbound agaran poster kasnd.png