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Starcraft 2 intro aped in Krater co-op announcement


Krater was an ARPG that just wasn’t ready to be released: bugs and ill-fitting mechanics like permadeath didn’t make the game a joy to play. However, its world was a beautiful madness and its score stood out and above most of the generic twoddle that appears in games with significantly more polish.

Despite its lukewarm reception, developer Fatshark are standing by their creation and have recently released a 1.1 update, adding co-op to the game. The below announcement trailer also takes a shot at Starcraft 2’s po-faced presentation, gotta love it a little for that.

When the apocalypse-bringing asteroid hit the earth, this was all that was left in the crater that once was HYPE.se’s Youtube channel:

The mutant’s Terran-like silhoutte is a touch of brilliance.

This is the original trailer for reference (this time taken from Shazbawt):

Oh, and because I don’t get to write about Krater often, here’s a couple of pieces from its soundtrack. Truly, it’s wonderful stuff:

(Both from BrownieNB’s Youtube channel; the music is by Christian Gabel.)