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Starforge, the indie game that gave Notch “a major nerdgasm,” is on IndieGoGo


StarForge is a science fiction indie game of survival on a hostile alien planet, where you’ll have to collect resources and build yourself a secure base. It has a list of influences as long as my arm, including FPS titles like Halo, tower defense games and, yes, Minecraft. It also promises an enormous game world and lots and lots of procedural generation.

And I mean lots. The plan is for StarForge to procedurally generate not only its terrain, but also space. Yes, space. Add to that procedurally generated weapons, which present the possibility for all sorts of custom firearms.

Then there’s the physics engine and terrain that can be deformed or destroyed. There’s the customisable characters. There’s vehicles. Good heavens, I think I need to go and lie down.

Is such an enormous feature set an act of hubris? If StarForge can pull all this off then it’ll be impressive indeed. If it can even manage half of those things, then I’ll eat my hat. Of course, these things take both time and money, hence this IndieGoGo page.

You can grab a free version of the game here and, if you want to see the game on Steam, you can vote on the StarForge Greenlight page here.

I should probably point out that the hats I tend to wear are usually made of bread or sausage. Here’s a lovely video for you.