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Steam gives the greenlight to seven new titles


Steam has announced that they’ve given the go-ahead to a new batch of wishful development projects on Greenlight. Six games and one software title are now well on their way to their end goal of being distributed on Steam.

The six games to be selected are Assetto Corsa, DreadOut, Ether One, GunZ 2: The Second Duel, Stonehearth, and The Forest. The software selection for today is Heaven Benchmark, a GPU benchmarking tool.

Jules took a look at The Forest recently in Spotlight on Greenlight and found it to be something that certainly had potential. Seeing GunZ 2 on the list was something of a nostalgia blast for me, as the original free-to-play GunZ was something I used to play back when I was at school along with all my other cash-strapped mates. It looks like nothing but the visuals have changed for this one, something 16 year old me would have been over-the-moon about. Present day me, on the other hand, will probably be following at Ether One with more enthusiasm.