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Steam Greenlight sees another 8 games approved for sale in the store


Another day and another spin of the Valve Greenlight roulette wheel. As you well know, this wheel decides if they’ll open the gates to the Steam storefront and how many titles they’ll let through. Today’s spin has dictated three software and eight gamer are to be let through – some of them are looking ace.

Particular highlights from the list is the parkour-infisued Canabalt-alike Vector. It sees you fleeing across rooftops in a future city, leaping between buildings and the whole time looking dashing in your suit and tie. Also, Super Motherload looks like a callback to Manic Miner, something I can get totally behind – it’s a unique satisfaction I derive from drilling mines in a cartoon world. One that can’t be explained – well, it’s because I liked digging holes in the garden as a child and my favourite film back then was Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

From Valve’s own press mouthpiece, here’s the full list:

The software titles:

The games: