The Stomping Land has you hunt dinosaurs, camp with dinosaurs, and survive the dinosaurs


Dinosaurs are awesome. They’re right up there with Noggin the Nog and breakfast. Yet few games have managed to get them right. I mean, heck, DICE have been working on their dinosaur-filled version of Battlefield for years now without even a screenshot to sate our appetite.

Which is why The Stomping Land is such an intriguing prospect. You’ve a simple goal: survival. The main the thing standing between you and your goal is hunger.

Oh, and dinosaurs.

As you can see from the video, The Stomping Land is still in a pretty early state and looking pretty rough. Yet, what’s impressive, considering its early stage of development, is how good the tone of the game looks: running among a herd of dinosaurs, for instance. The number and speed of the animals feels right, like a scene straight out of Jurassic Park.

Then the actual meat and bones of the game, the survival elements of base-building, trap-setting, and messing with other players. They all sound exciting and evoke images of a perfect cross between DayZ and Walking with Dinosaurs. Now it all it needs is developer Alex Fundora to deliver and for a one-man development team that’s a big ask.

The project’s funding target is only $20,000 and in the pitch video Fundora suggests he’s aimed low to A) meet the goal and B) make the project about stretch goals. The minimum goal is what he says he needs to finish the game solo and in a limited form. The stretch goals are to bring other developers on board and to increase the scope and quality of the game.

You can read more about the project here.