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Stonghold Crusader 2 revealed: return to the desert to catapult diseased cows all over again


It’s been too long since I sent the carcass of disease-ridden cow flying over the walls of an enemy castle. Firefly Worlds must have had a similar itch to scratch: today they’ve sent word that they’re hard at work on Stronghold Crusader 2, a followup to their castle-based strategy game released way back in 2002.

The long-awaited sequel will be building on the updates brought to the series in Stronghold 3 while also aiming to fix some of the mistakes Firefly made along the way, too.

Along with the announcement and the launch of an official website came this teaser video:

The game’s blurb promises “new visuals, a tightly reworked interface for better battle control, environmental effects and threats, real-time physics and a range of gameplay enhancements” that will build on the success of the first game.

Released just a year after the original Stronghold, Crusader shifted the game’s setting to the Middle East and had you take lead of either the invading knights of the defending Arabian forces. Crusader was a huge success for Firefly. It also became the base for Stronghold Crusader: Extreme, a game which ramped up the army sizes to a ridiculous 10,000 men.

I’m excited to see what ideas have been percolating for the past 11 years that will make their way into the sequel. Paul already learned a few of them when he met with Firefly back in January.