Stop the little people from invading your colossi in Burden

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Tall people are often harassed by small people for piggy backs. It’s a common sight at festivals and supermarkets with high shelves. The tall person will be minding their own high minded business when, out of nowhere, a low to the ground blur will leap onto them, trying to crawl to their peak. If the tall person has been properly trained then they will activate their shoulder-mounted cannons and blast the little person into meat paste.

Burden lets normal sized people experience what it’s like to be a tall person.

You have to protect the colossi of Mhoroa. The planet’s undergoing drought and other natural disasters. The only beings that can save the planet are the colossi, ancient beings who have always maintained the world’s balance. Between you and that goal are the people of Mhoroa: they’re scared of the colossi, what with them being 30-story tall giants that could crush a village with a single misplaced step.

The people will attack the colossi with airships and landing parties, you must stop them.

Each time an airship lands on your colossus’ body it spawns a tower defense minigame, acting out right on the skin of the creature. You can build turrets and walls to finish off the invaders and you’ll earn points to spend on upgrading the colossus as a result. It’s not as simple as all that, though. Each colossus has numerous landing points and each of them can serve as a tower defense battleground. In hectic levels you’ll need to manage multiple tower defense games simultaneously. Not a small feat.

Speaking to Polygon, PixelPickle Games’ founder Rob Dowling revealed that “There are multiple giants and they’re all different from each other: some fly, some walk through water, some only walk on land. Your goal as an engineer is to safely escort them from point A to point B.”

Burden is aiming to hit Steam Early Access in May. I’d love to see the graphical fidelity of the colossi ramped up through Early Access. We’ve been spoiled by Shadow of the Colossus’ beautiful giants and scenery, if Burden could match it it would make for a very exciting game.