Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut on PC “will be a thing”


To take advantage of the new fangled consoles, Born Ready are releasing an updated version of their space-based mech shooter, Strike Suit Zero. It now has all the graphics, whereas the previous release had most of the graphics. Trained graphics hunters were brought in to catch the last few remaining pixels and they’ve done exemplary work.

Time travellers were also employed, they’ve travelled to and fro in the eddies of time and have restructured the game’s campaign.

Oh, and somewhere along the way the team found two new strike suits and an add-on campaign.

There’s a new trailer to show off the prettiness that is Strike Suit Zero’s Director’s Cut:

And here is community manager Jamin Smith from Born Ready to explain all the fancy things that Strike Suit’s Director’s Cut will offer:

While the console release is next month, the PC release is set simply for Spring. “We’ll be talking more about that in terms of a date soon,” says the lovely chap.

He also said that if you own the game already there will be an update path to get this new release. He doesn’t say whether you’ll need to pay for that or if it will be a free upgrade.