Sui Generis footage shows off physical ragdoll-ridden combat. Stunning


Sui Generis is an RPG currently seeking funding through Kickstarter but the thing about it that’s wowing everyone more than the story of the game is its breathtaking technology. On the one had it looks fab, not good looking for an indie game fab but full blown good looking game fab, but on the other, the far more saliva-inducing element of the project is its combat system. It’s unlike anything else on the market, You really have to see the trailer below to know what I’m talking about.

From developerBare Mettle’s Youtube channel:

Look at how the characters seem to have weight, its a deep level of simulation that’s visually feeding back into the action on screen and that’sexciting By comparison, Mount & Blade has a deep combat system, behind every sword hit and lance thrust there’s a long list of calculations, taking into account player speed, opponent speed, location of the hit, attributes of the weapon, etc but it always looks the same in terms of what appears on the screen. Here the weight of the weapon effects the animations. The strength of the swing is evident from the follow through of the character model. It’s seriously impressive stuff.

The Kickstarter’s not in a great place at the moment, currently at less than half of its £150,000 target with 11 days to go. Check out their pitch video:

It does view as more of a pitch for the development tools than a game itself but even then, with all the construction sets that would come with a release I’d love to see what the mod community could put together.