Super Hexagon coming to PC


In a AMA last night on Reddit, VVVVVV creator Terry Cavanagh confirmed that his latest, greatest creation, Super Hexagon, is going to be coming to PC, in as little as two weeks. Which really isn’t all that long, considering it only just came out on iOS a few days ago. And I have been playing it, and I have been weeping uncontrollably since. They are tears of frustration, and despair, and unadulterated sadness that this game was not meant for my large fingers, or my slow brain.

The idea is that you’re a little triangle on the perimeter of a hexagon, and projected out from this hexagon are six planes, each of which have lines coming down them constantly. Your objective is to avoid those lines. While the screen spins and pulses and gets faster and faster and then you’re dead. I’ve managed to get to 75 seconds on the easiest difficulty. Which really isn’t all that good.
Because it’s so quick, though, it’s the perfect little game to fire up and spend a few minutes on, which makes it well suited to slotting in between tasks while you’re doing all those important things on your PC. And, well, Terry’s always been a bit of a PC guy, so it’s good we’re getting some love.
Here’s a video, which I think has been suspiciously slowed down: