Super Hexagon out on PC: turn down the lights, drink a tea, and kiss your night goodbye


Terry Cavanagh’s polygon’n’up is finally out on the PC and is now poised to take over your life for less than £2. I survived longer than 12 seconds and I’m happier about that achievement than you were when you had your first positive encounter with cooked bread, and don’t tell me you aren’t a fan of toast: we all are.

The premise of Super Hexagon is simple: you are a triangle and the polygons are trying to kill you. You pick a difficulty mode – hard, harder, or hardest – and, from your fixed circle in thecenterof the screen, must dodge converging shapes. Here, let the wonders of video explain:

From Terry Cavanagh’s Youtube channel.

You may sense the speed, the panic, and the pleasure this game brings. It has something of Hotline Miami and Super Meat Boys ease of death/speedy restart that drives you to play again and again. Of course, if you’ve played Cavanagh’s VVVVVV you’ll know this is something he’s used to doing.

It’s telling of the game’s difficulty that surviving eight seconds has the game tell you you’re doing a good job. That when you pass ten seconds it feels like you’ve been playing for twenty, you have to concentrate utterly. And, make sure you Don’t. Stop. Moving.

You can pick up a copy for just £1.33 (it’s currently on sale, usually it’s £1.99) from the Steam Store.