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Super Time Force video introduces us to skateboarding dinosaurs

Super Time Force Capybara Games

Capybara games wooed us with Swords & Sworcery EP, the beautiful, pixelated adventure game scored by Jim Guthrie. Where that game was slow and considered, their new game, Super Time Force, is frantic and filled with explosions.

You play the members of Super Time Force. They can travel through time to fight baddies and even travel through time to help themselves. Capybara call it singleplayer co-op and it looks mad.

Clearly the game is stylish. I love how readily it embraces silliness, having each member of the squad be a completely differently styled character, coming from different periods of history.

My major concern with the game is how are you supposed to keep in control of so much action. Particularly as you are supposed to be controlling the whole squad. It may be as simple as you controlling a single member of the squad and AI taking control of each other member you teleport in to lend a hand, or it may be complex. The video doesn’t make it clear.

Swords & Sworcery set a high bar for quality and Capybara have quite the challenge in meeting the level of polish. Still, Super Time Force and the developer’s other project, Below, both drip potential.

We still have no word of a PC release date, unfortunately.