Survival horror project Darkwood needs your money to finance coding wizards


Acid Wizard Studio, a development team apparently made up of three sorcerers in a forest, need your money to summon their survival horror game Darkwood from the dimension of ‘Not Quite Finished’. The top-down, procedurally generated game will offer old-school challenging gameplay and a creepy atmosphere, if the potion-brewing clan can raise $40,000.

The project is being funded through Indiegogo and offers all the expected perks should you donate plenty of money, from boxed copies to in-game cameos, all the way up to being named Executive Producer should you slap down $5,000.

Set in an alternate 20th century in eastern Europe, Darkwood aims to have you cowering in a corner reciting nursery rhymes for comfort. Permadeath means every step you take could be your last, and whilst you can recall nothing of your life before awaking in the game’s forest, a creepy orphan kid that accompanies you knows something about your past. £10 bet says it’s something awful.

If Darkwood doesn’t make you want to sleep with the light on for the next week, you can donate over at Indiegogoand vote for it on Steam Greenlight.