The Swapper release date announced in stunning new trailer


The Swapper’s core mechanic – being able to project clones of yourself into existence – looks like it’s going to have our brains melt all over our desks much as Braid managed all those years ago.

The latest trailer of the gorgeous looking claymation game announced that The Swapper will be headed to Steam on 30 May.

Beautiful isn’t it? All the art in the game is made from either clay models or odds and ends stuck together with tape. It lends a wonderful quality to the game, a particularly tangible sense to the world.

Your time in The Swapper will be spent solving puzzles by projecting clones ahead of you and then swapping body control to them. So, for instance, you can project a clone over a gap to an adjacent platform, swap control from your body to the clone’s and then leave behind your original body as you, in the clone’s body, run ahead. There’s something deeply dark about that. I can’t wait to see how it plays into the story.

Developer Facepalm released this handy advice for preparing you for Swapper’s impending release:

We recommend you take the following steps*:

  • Isolate yourself for long periods of time. This will acclimate you to your new, desolate environment and help ward off space dementia.
  • Practice solving puzzles by pushing all buttons, levers, blocks and switches you come across in your day to day. If this causes trouble, just swap to one of your clones and leave the old one behind!
  • Oh, be sure to start cloning yourself. That part is also important.
  • Wear your space suit daily, including during rigorous physical exercise, sleeping and eating. You need to be familiar and nimble with your equipment on.

Oh, and here’s the original launch trailer because it’s just so damn pretty:

*We accept no personal liability for possible side effects of extreme isolation, button pushing, graffiti, human cloning experiments or existential crisis brought about by recommended preparations.

Cheers, PC Gamer.