Terraria’s developers would like to know what to put in a new update please


Well, this is an odd one. It transpires that the underfloor heating our Tim had installed in the PCGamesN water tower-turned-office last summer was in fact nothing of the sort. Rather, it was the heat coming off Terraria’s PC contingent milling about down below. They’ve been fuming at a steady rate, bless ‘em, since the July announcement of a console Terraria – replete with extra features we’re simply not allowed.

But my feet might be about to get an awful lot chillier. Developer Andrew ‘Redigit’ Spinks is tentatively talking up a new PC update, and wants to know what he should fill it with.

“Okay, let me pose a hypothetical,” said Spinks carefully on the Terraria forums. Say I am considering doing an update for the PC version of Terraria… In the event that such a thing were to take place, what would be some things that you would be interested in seeing?”

So far, Spinks has made approving noises in the direction of ocean biomes, holiday content and turtle pets. Sounds pretty conclusive to me. In the unlikely event that you can think of anything worthwhile that hasn’t already been mentioned, do let us know.