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Thank God for DRM: meet classic arena shooter Death Ray Manta


DRM is the upcoming latest from Rob ‘Retro Remakes’ Fearon, an arena shooter in the grand old tradition of Eugene ‘Defender’ Jarvis and Jeff ‘Space Giraffe’ Minter – in other words, the sort of thing you’ll want to play if you’ve ever shivered in delight at the touch of primary-coloured lasers against a black, vacuumous background. And the DRM thing is more than just a cheeky raspberry blown in the direction of PC publishers.

Fearon is sick of the walls increasingly erected between us and our games, and as a result DRM is designed to be the consummate PC game. Its data will be easily accessible to all for tweaking purposes – everything from enemy movement speed to frames-per-second can be fine-tuned to your tastes.

What Rob’s most excited about, though, is the option to change the DRM’s title screen text: “Hopefully, someone, somewhere will change all the menu text to “Dave’s Laser Game by Dave Dave” and take it into school and claim they made it sort of like some people did in the eighties by hitting breakspace and changing a few things in BASIC games. If just one person does that, I’ve won. I can retire.”

There’s a happily hazy trailer below: