Thomas Was Alone arrives on Steam; oblongs everywhere are overjoyed


The truly wonderful indie platformer Thomas Was Alone has made its way on to Steam where we can all proceed to throw money at it. Priced at a mere £6 (£5.39 currently as it’s enjoying a 10% discount), it’s likely the cheapest way to build an emotional connection with a collection of boxes. The alternative would be about nine tabs of LSD and I don’t know any dealers south of Dundee that will sell you that for less than £7.50. Links, videos, and further gabbing below.

So, if I’ve already convinced you,the Steam store link is here.

Thomas Was Alone has you start life as a rogue glitch in a computer programme, you name yourself Thomas and while initially alone you soon meet other oblongs, each with different, impeccably-written personalities. Separated you can achieve little, but together with your different qualities – shortness, narrowness, long jump, ability to float, etc – you’re able to solve different problems. It really is superb. Convinced?

If not, watch this:

Still not convinced, monster? Well, here, take this bribe:

Box + emotional response= sale?